Essential Writing Skills

Thursday 19th March 2015

Write a Headline!

  • When writing an essay you want to try and grab a reader's attention. [Like a newspaper headline]

  • A government spokesperson today announced that: "UK wide internet access will be disabled from 19.03.15 6:00pm to 19.04.15 6:00am, this is in order to delete pre-existing data which is slowing down internet access for millions of users across the UK"

  • CREATE a headline for the statement above.

Lesson Objectives

· Discuss the structure of an essay

· List and recall the features of an essay intended to argue a point

· Analyse the importance of a coherent structure

· Demonstrate understanding of essay structure

· Analyse how to incorporate data and statistics into an essay

· Evaluate the issue of online piracy

Essay Structure

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Assessment Criteria

In order to pass the assignment your essay will need to contain.

· A clear Introduction

· A clear Concluding summary paragraph

· Complete sentences and paragraphs

· Correct use of spelling and grammar

· Appropriate academic writing

· Correct written communication to aid reader understanding

· Appropriate linking words and phrases

· Correct grammatical tenses

· Appropriate vocabulary

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