Conflics in Iraq

Overview of Conflict

The Iraq war has been going on since 2003-Today. The main people fighting in the war are the United States and Iraq. The conflict can be traced back to the Iraq Iran war, then in 2001 on Sept. 11 Iraqi terrorist crashed into the Twin Towers, and the war officially started in 2003 on Jan. 28 when the Iraq government purchased uranium.

History Of Iraq War

Timeline Of Events

Sept. 11, 2001- 9/11, attack on the Twin Towers.

Jan. 28, 2003- War starts between U.S. and Iraq.

March 19, 2003- Suddam Hussein was captured.

2006- Suddam Hussein was found guilty and sentenced to death.

2009- U.S. troops withdraw from towns and cities.

Dec. 31, 2011- Iraq Day.

2012- Bombing targets Shia.

Feb. 2014- U.S. sees global terror networking.

Feb. 2014- U.S. army rocked by Iraq war recruitment fraud scam.