Manage you college spending !

10 surefire tips to keep your spending to a minimum

1. Take Charge

  • Define your financial goals
  • Make plans to reach those goals
  • Take action! Make those goals a reality

2. Get Organized

  • Make files

Bill payments

Financial aid


Checking account


savings and investments

Loan and credit Records


Receipts and Warranties

3.Find the best checking account deal

  • Does it offer student discounts
  • what are the penalty fees
  • what is the minimum cost to ope an account
  • Do not bounce checks

4. Financial aid

  • Get as much help as you can
  • look out for scholarship scams
  • use loans as a last resort

5. Get a job

  • Pay for your education
  • make sure work doesn't interfere with school
  • make sure you will still be eligible for financial aid if you are working
  • keep it on campus

6. Meal plans

  • choose the one that works for you
  • avoid extra snacks
  • you already payed for the food so don't buy food elsewhere

7. resist peer pressure

(separate needs from wants)

  • ask yourself

do i need it or want it?

will i use it ?

will my life go on or end with out it?

  • keep track of how much you spend
  • student discounts
  • be willing to say "NO"

8. Appartment vs. Dorm

  • find a living space that will keep you from spending a lot of money
  • Apt. room with others and split the cost- set ground rules concerning money
  • dorm provided by the school

9. Create a budget

  • Put money in the bank
  • only allow yourself to spend a certain amount (don't go over)
  • control your credit card

10. Save Save Save!

  • invest
  • take advantage of compound interest
  • before spending put money away in the bank
  • open a savings account