April 2013 Recognition


I am in awe of your sales from this past month, ladies! EIGHTEEN of you qualified for the month! YAHOOOO!!!

Marla and Cati were STELLAR SELLERS for selling over $5000 (Marla 3 months in a row and Cati 2!). Congrats on receiving $100 in FPC at the end of the month. Lani Bass, Hart Walsh, Marla Johnson, Wendy Harvey, Brandy Perez, Cati Young, Laura Karnowski, Andrea Verdon, Ginny Billman, Jessie Ordonez have ALL qualified / sold a minimum of $500 each month since starting their businesses! That is SO huge!!! And, the queen of consistency, Hadley Koo, has qualified EVERY SINGLE MONTH since starting making April her 15th month in a row!!! She went back to work this month and STILL made it happen! Hadley, you are amazing.

This past month, many of you shared information about this incredible business opportunity with others (many for the first time!). We had a such fabulous sign-up special and I love that it pushed many of us to get out of your own way and just SHARE. So very proud of you for having those sponsoring conversations! Patricia Hidalgo, Laura Karnowski, Cati Young, Jessie Ordonez, Marla Johnson, Brandy Perez, Shanna Bustichi Peuse, and Angela Castillo - KUDOS to you for planting those seeds and letting someone know that you think that they would be great at what you do!

Bowing down to you all for having such a fantastic month. We kicked ASS in the Sparklettes STAR WARS Booking Blitz and booked 34 trunk shows in 7 days! Shanna killed it with 9 shows booked AND sponsored her first stylist too! You expanded our family with 8 new stylists, earned some wonderful commission, made a whole lot of women feel beautiful, and helped create the epic promotion of our Director, Sandy Sloan, to Star Director! Cheers to a new month, ladies! I KNOW it will be one that will go down in Blackstones History!

Welcome to our newest Blackstones! We are so excited to have you as a part of our family.

New Stylist -- Sponsor
Emily Jackson -- Jenn Indra
Tina Van Dusen -- Marla Johnson
Tamara Salas -- Shanna Bustichi Peuse
Jennifer Ravazza -- Brandy Perez
Karen Schmelzer -- Jenn Indra
Jennie Howell -- Jenn Indra
Monica Morena -- Marla Johnson
Nicole Boone -- Angela Castillo


Sell $500 in retail = QUALIFIED for the month (earn 5% of your PCV in Free Business Supply Credits)

Sell $2308+ in retail (1500PCV) = Earn 30% commission instead of 25% (5% end of month volume rebate)

1. Jenn Lue Indra $8,039
2. Marla Clayton Johnson $5,320
3. Cati Farnham Young $5,125
4. Heather Pansini Walsh $2001
5. Angela Castillo $1,948
6. Patricia Hidalgo $1,393
7. Hart Levy Walsh $1,371
8. Andrea Verdon $1,022
9. Brandy Perez $1,014
10. Jessie Ordonez $880
11. Lani Bass $841
12. Wendy Harvey $778
13. Ginny Billman $721
14. Laura Karnowski $694
15. Lisa Salles $661
16. Michelle Kloss $588
17. Hadley Koo $511
18. Shanna Bustichi Peuse $509

A look back...

April 2012
We had 11 stylists on our team and our total team sales were $24,381.
We had 30 stylists on our team this April! Total team sales? $34,044!!