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Classroom Newsletter: October 14, 2016


Hi Parents,

Welcome to October! This month has been busy so far with all types of activities. Your students have been participating in clubs, sports, and classroom activities. They come to school with reports of how they are keeping busy outside of school and we are excited to be continuing to get to know one another so well.

Below you will find an update of what we are doing in each period.

Be well,
Ms. Collins

Homeroom & Mr. Browne's Precepts

Mr. Browne's October Precept is: "Your deeds are your monuments." -An inscription on an Egyptian Tomb.

Students continue to think about the meaning of the quote and how they can relate to it. Similarly with September, students are to post a comment in Schoology to add to the discussion about what they think it means and how they can include it in their lives.

Mr. Dubnow also came in to talk to the students and get to know them more. He gave them the opportunity to ask questions so that they could also get to him! Mr. Dubnow also gave the students a reminder about the new lunchroom expectations and how one safe, respectful, and responsible when choosing their seats! Did you know that he is a huge Cubs fan? Expect some more Cubs theme days coming up!

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Students have been thinking about multiplication in more abstract ways. Aside from calculating in the many different formats (lattice, stacked, bow-tie) that they are used to, we used base ten blocks to represent multiplication in arrays.

Learning and looking at multiplication in this abstract way will help the students to better understand why the rules of multiplication work the way they do, and learn to think more abstractly about math.

After playing with the app, "Sketch Explorer Pro", drawing and coloring in our notebooks, and building arrays with the blocks, students are now working on one displaying their knowledge in pictures that they can create using their apps and technology. Look for the final product in our next newsletter!

Can you solve the problem in the picture? Hint: you may need to find the product to be able to find the multiplication expression!

Up next: Division!

Social Studies

Current Events are off and running! The more students see Current Events presentations, the better they are getting! I can't wait until 4th quarter when they will be experts!

Mrs. Reiger, our new librarian, came in this week to talk to us about paraphrasing, plagiarizing, and citing quotes. This will help students to better summarize their articles instead of just retelling them!

The Boston Massacre has been our focus to learn about historical events and find examples of how citizens acted disobediently. We read from Joy Hakim's, From Colonies to Country book and performed a Reader's Theater to get involved in the events that happened 1770 Boston. The students enjoyed being a part of telling the story and getting to act out their roles.

Next week, we will continue to look at The Boston Massacre and the primary sources that are connected to it, such as Paul Revere's copper engraving that was used as propaganda.

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Our focus in now entirely on Global Warming and Climate Change. The students are working on their research skills to come up with connections about how multiple phenomenon's and incidents are related and connected to our world both locally and globally.

We are staggering our approaches between working as groups, as a class and with individuals so that we can share ideas many times over. Next week the students ill but their exposure to global warming to good use to begin their own research project for a unique way that climate change be be cured!

Ask your Student about:

  • Mr. Browne's October Precept
  • Getting to pick their seats in the lunchroom
  • Mr. Dubnow's visit
  • Current Events
  • Theme days in Homeroom

Things to come:

Monday 10/17: D39 PASS 39 Meeting

9:15-10:15am at Central School

Monday 10/17: Last Day to Order Birthday Books

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Monday 10/17: Science Olympiad JV Competition Team Registration Ends

Wednesday 10/19: 5th Grade Parent-Child Book Club

7-8pm at Highcrest Auditorium

Thursday 10/20: Non-Competitive Science Olympiad Registration Ends

Friday 10/21: Make a Difference Day

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Coming Up…Save the Dates!

10/24 7-9pm D39 Board of Education Meeting at MEC

10/24 Freaky Friday Ticket Sales Begin

10/25 Picture Day Retakes

10/28 7:30-9pm Freaky Friday

10/31 11:45am Early Release

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