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Talking Drums: Buy Now, Don't Miss Your Chance!

The Talking Drums Have a Rich and Intriguing Background:

In West Africa, before technology was available to send messages quickly, important news and information had to be spread physically from village to village. Without cars or bikes to help someone get to all of thee villages, journeys to spread news had to be made on foot. This was both exhausting and time consuming. This is were the amazing and absolutely fascinating "Talking Drums" come into play! Ever heard of Morse Code? These drums help performed a similar function originally in the Ghana Empire as the purpose of this code only its much more beautiful and draw-dropping because it relies on music to communicate! That's right, in West Africa, Talk Drums utilize the language of music to spread messages, warnings, and news far and wide!
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This Talking Drum, this Musical Mouth, Can be All Yours!

Culturally Captivating!

The artistic culture of West Africa, as seen in their creative style of theater and music, is very reliant on music. In such examples as the griot, the community entertainer, story teller, history memorizer, singer, dancer, and musician all in one, this culture is seen at its best. Griots are so vital to the villages in fact that some cultures refer to them as "jelli" which means blood. The Talk Drums are actually one of the oldest instruments to be played by African griots. The beautiful sound these drums make and their ability to transform a cultural love and reliance on music into a form of communication is so significant and amazing. Talking Drums are a connection between the fundamental musically based culture in West Africa and the human necessity to actively communicate with each other while we coexist.

Check out the Construction of these Talking Drums!

As you have probably noticed, these drums feature a beautiful hourglass shape! They are very recognizable. Their body is made of wood, and skin is stretched on both heads or ends of the body. The skin, made of hide or fish skin, is held on by tight leader cords that also run down the length of the drums. The tightness of these leather cords affect the pitch.
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Take a Look at the Rest of West African Music!

Entertainment is a key purpose for West African music. It is a major part of every day life. It is used for casual playing for recreational reasons, just passing the time, and music is also found in larger performances. Rituals and ceremonies surrounding birth, the coming of age, marriage, and death are all places were West Africans utilize music. Work songs are common to encourage pace and rhythm in repetitive working conditions. It can also develop a sort of identity or musical jargon for a group who works together in the same occupation. Politics are also musically influences as people will play to praise or protest a leader or ruler.
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Talking Drums and Today:

You have seen several reasons through this presentation why you should want to purchase a Talking Drum. They play beautifully, they're specially crafted, the represent a unique period of history and a culture worth appreciating. But I'll bet you have yet to even consider how it relates to the technology and communication systems we have today. People of the 21st century world, don't you want to take a break from the high-speed internet? Don't you want to shut those laptops, put down your phones, and just take a break from it all? These Talking Drums promote the same function as all of these technological communication systems, and they don't die of low battery or run out of storage or hit weak WiFi. They run on pure heart, soul, and music but speak to a people with a clear tongue worth admiring. Get your own Talking Drum today!