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Back to School Edition!

So Much Goodness

By the end of last school year, we had more than DOUBLED our collection! Not only do we have TONS of new titles in pleasure reading for you and your students, we have an outstanding non-fiction collection of informational text (with current copyright dates) and LOADS of current biographies and memoirs that are sure to please. We also have a brand new system for eBooks (details soon).

Policies for Teachers--Please Read

  • Please send no more than 4 unsupervised students to the media center during class. Students must have a signed, dated pass with all student names and a clear assignment. Finding a book to read is a wonderful assignment! Students who are not working will be sent back to the classroom.
  • STUDY HALL TEACHERS: Please send only 2 students at a time to the media center during study hall. Feel free to work out a rotation with your students.
  • We will be happy to laminate for you--drop off by lunch and we'll have it for you by 3:30.
  • Please speak to Mrs. MacMillan about using the media center or lab with your classes, and she will put you on the calendar.
  • If you know you will be absent, please do not leave plans for a substitute to bring classes into the media center or lab. Speak to Mrs. MacMillan if you wish to discuss special circumstances.
  • You may check out books, DVDs, audiobooks, cameras, periodicals, flash cards...what else do you need?
  • PLEASE let Mrs. MacMillan know if you have requests for books or DVDs.

Virtual Reference Library

You may have noticed that we don't have a large "reference" section in our media center. Sure, we have dictionaries and a set of encyclopedias for those quick questions students may need answers to, but our subject area reference books are available VIRTUALLY to every student and teacher. We have approximately 1,000 volumes (yes, 1000!) that every student can access simultaneously from home, in any computer lab, even on their mobile device! We have titles for every subject and specialty. Want to see a list of our titles? Click here!

You (and your students) will need a password to access these at home--the password is cambridge. Easy to remember.

I'll be meeting with your departments this year to show you more about the GVRL!

Media Center Staff

Tess MacMillan, Media Specialist

Marian MacLeod, Media Paraprofessional