The Apollo Moon Landing

and how it was allegedly faked

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too good to be true?

When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin planted their giant boots in the lunar soil, the scientists at NASA cheered. It was July 1st, 1969, and there was a cold war brewing between us and the Soviet Union. For us to have failed this mission would have been an invitation for ridicule.
Despite this, some people found it too hard to believe.
Conspiracy theories spread, and people started to question whether the dusty landscape they explored was the Moon or not.

grab a coke... on the moon?

There was actually a lot of good evidence towards the moon landings being a hoax, some of which really stood out to me. According to this article about the hoax, the people in Honeysuckle Creek, Australia saw something quite strange: what appears to be a Coca-Cola Bottle kicked across the ground!
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meanwhile, here on earth...

There were plenty of different theories going through the media. People were saying everything from that they found things on the moon they don't want us knowing about to that we didn't go there at all, and we filmed it on a Hollywood set.
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"completely unobjective journalism"

Most of the bias in the media was image bias and selection and omission. People would choose the images where the "proof" was most evident. Some would question the one-sixth gravity, saying they were on wires, and others would look at the shadows and say there were multiple light sources. Most evidence was refuted with logical explanations.

in my opinion

To claim that the first Moon landing was a hoax is nonsensical. They brought back rocks from the surface of the moon. They took pictures of the surface of the moon. They left their bootprints on the surface of the moon. That was, indeed, the surface of the moon.