Bubonic Plague


What was it?

Bubonic Plague a is a bacterium that lives in the stomach of the flea. this disease is mostly found on wild rodents, this disease is transmitted from flea to human with a bite and can greatly affected the human is 4-6 days. this disease can also spread at a rapid pace. With the bite you would start seeing black- purplish lumps on the skin.

How it start?

Bubonic Plague started in North-Western China. The outbreak started in 1331 . After trade and it spreading eastward across land, Europe especially England had the worst time with Black Death

Who did it impact?

Black Death impact England the most, killing approximately 20 million people. A medieval chronicler Froissart, said that "a third of the world died." meaning that ⅓ of Europe’s population died.

How did it spread?

The Bubonic Plague spread through rats, but it was only the host for the fleas. fleas were the carrier for this disease. When traveling or trading from China to Europe rats, people ,and goods, were infected by the disease.

What was the result?

When Black Death killed 20 million people, Europe was in a state where the country was growing rapidly. Their population before black death occured went from 38 million to 78 million.Europe panic when they found out about the plague. They burn some buildings, left the city, even some left their own family because it was so contagions.

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