Wildcat Watch

Washington Elementary School

February 20th, 2017

Tuesday, Feb. 20th-

  • Boys' Basketball Game at Morley Nelson at 5:00 pm


  • Boise Police Dept. will be using our school tonight for some drills. There may be police cars and activity, so I wanted you to be aware. This is not connected to any threat in the area. They reached out last weekend for a place to practice. Just FYI.

Friday, Feb. 23rd-

  • 3rd Grade Chinese New Year Parade at 3:05 pm

Message from 6th Grade-

Thank you for helping to fill the shelves at the Garfield Community School! Please bring in your items by the 23rd of February.

Kindergarten- Any type of bars


2nd-Canned or dried fruit

3rd-Jam or Jelly


5th-Instant soup or ramen

6th-Tuna and mayonnaise

You can send in other items. These are just some specific things that the kids have asked for.

Toilet paper is also being collected. It is hard to imagine not having this basic item, but many students go to the community school asking for toilet paper.

Tuesday, Mar. 13th-