Canada the place that will amaze.

Welcome to Canada

The wonders of Canada

Canada is a place were there is peace and respect for everybody . There are two wonders of the world out of seven . The two wonders that are in Canada are Niagara falls and the C.N tower . The name C.N originally referred to Canadian National . In 1995 the C.N tower was declared one of the modern seven wonders of the world by the American society of civil engineers . The C.N tower also belongs to the world federation of great towers where it holds second place ranking .

People In Canada

Canada is not just an amazing place to be because of the two wonders Canada is also an amazing place because of the people . The people in Canada are the nicest people that you meet . The people in Canada are nice , kind , generous , funny and they are very proud that they live in Canada . Evan at grocery stores the checkout person will treat you with respect.

Why visit Canada

Visit Canada because of its merchandise , in Canada there are many beautiful places to be such as the C.N tower , Niagara falls , the Absolute towers and more . If you ever do visit Canada make sure that you visit the Royal Ontario Museum . In the ROM there are great masterpieces

Winter in Canada

Canada always has its cold winters . Since in Canada we have cold winters it means that we can do more activities such as skiing , snowmobiling , tabogening , igloo making , snow ball fights and more . Also during the winter you can just stay inside watching your favorite movie while sipping on a warm cup of hot chocolate from Tim Hortans .

safe places

There are many safe places in Canada I will tell you the top for safest places in Canada.

* Amherstburg

* Kingsville

* Lemington

* La Salle

Those are the top four safest places in Canada .