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Hello Team.

Did everyone have a fantastic weekend with family and friends? I hope so, I know we did.

Summer is a great time to use and share your oils. Terrashield to protect from bugs, or Lavender to sooth bug bites or sun burn. Here are a few more recommendations on how you can use your oils this summer.


Enjoy the summer!


DIY Multi-purpose Wipes

Using a glass jar, cut heavy duty paper towel in half and removed the core. Add 2 cups of distilled or boiled water, two pumps of foaming hand soap, and some oils (about 10 drops total). They work and smell great!
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New Shipping Rewards Program

When you order online and have an LRP order set up you get a 100% shipping credit


Nina Bogue

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I'm grateful to have you all join me on this journey, whether you are just using doTERRA with your family, sharing with others or starting the business, I'm glad you are here.

If there is any way I can help, I'm happy to do so!