My Journey

Chris Plouffe


I was born in panama August 18th 1995 and i lived there for about a year. i Dont rember much of panama but herd many storys from my mother Isis.

On the move

I MOVED to alabama a year after i was born in the RIGION of the North America i didnt stay there for long i moved a other 2 years after to california where i lived most of my childhood.

My family

I have a mom and dad and two brothers one is named andre he is the oldest and he will be turning 21 soon and my other brother is named brian and will be turning 20 in november. we had some good times in california together playing the the woods and going dirt biking.

New hampshire

i Moved here to new Hampshire in 4th grade and always thought that i was going to hate this place forever but its great here.

Peter wood berry

This is where i went to school for a year i rember that year i was there we managed to get bade blades and Pokemon cards band from that school.


this is where i went to school during 5th to 6th grade that was the first year the all the elementary school combine into one. I meet allot of new people that year

Ross A lergio

This is where i went to school here throw 7th to 8th grade and thous is where i meet my other good friends as you see in the pic below

Thats me and Tyler murry and Chris Shaughnessy

AND to get a cool looking cat

Thanks for the great year Mrs. conney