Factors that effect BAC

some of the factors that effect BAC is ... How much a person drinks,How fast a person drinks,the body and weight of a person,and the physical condition of a person.

Definition of Blood Alcohol Concentration

The definition of BAC is ... the amount of alcohol in the blood -often expressed as a percentage of the alcohol in the blood.

The short-term effects of abusing alcohol

Some of the short term effects could happen to you if you if you make the wrong choice and pick alcohol. these are some effects of what could happen.

1.Slow nerve activity in the parts of the brain that control how a person feels and acts reflexes are slowed.

2.Vison may blur.

3.May have trouble talking due to loss f muscle control.

4.May have trouble walking due to loss of muscle control.

6.May irritate the small inteststine .

(5 And 6 lead to vomiting)

7.Intoxication a condition in which a person lacks control; over mental physical abilities as a result of high BAC.

8.May cause a hangover the illness a person feels as it rids itself of alcohol.(nausea ,vomiting,physical weakness,headache,rapid heart rate,nervousness ,and nobility to concentrate.

Fiona Smith