MHS Bulletin

November 15-21, 2021


Monday, November 15:
Tuesday, November 16:

Wednesday, November 17:

Thursday, November 18: Spectrum meets in A202 at 11:05

Friday, November 19:


Congratulations Seniors! You had the highest percentage of students passing all of their classes for term 1 with 91.05% of the Senior Class passing all of their classes. As a thank you for your hard work Seniors will be granted VIP status at lunch for the week of 11/15 – 11/19. Seniors will have priority access to the cafeteria during the first 7minutes of lunch.

Students from the Honor Society will be serving as the gate keepers. In order to have access seniors should bring their student ID’s with them and present them to the Honor Society members who are working. If a student does not have their ID they will be denied priority access and will be required to wait in line.

Stop at the BPA table over lunch on Tuesday or Thursday to sign up for prizes and hear about the great opportunities BPA has for you! There is still time to join, compete, and WIN!

There is still time to sign up for the Tiger Speech Team. Look for a sign-up sheet outside of A252!

Students: Just a reminder that as the weather turns cold, please do not leave your device in a vehicle. Extreme temperature changes could potentially damage your device.

Student Services Announcements

A representatives from the following college will be here on the date below and at the time indicated. Interested juniors and seniors are asked to see Jan for a pass.

  • Mon. Nov. 15 – UNIV OF SOUTH DAKOTA – 2:30 pm

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