Always Snowy?

What's It Like?

It is cold, that's for sure. Temperatures are usually under 34 degrees C, while summer usually lasts only two months! It gets warmer during the summer of course, about 3-12 degrees C, giving other animals and plants to have a chance to get used to the climate and habitats.

What Are Some Places?

The tundra covers about 20-25% of earth's surface, so it's not just at the poles. Barrow, Alaska is a good example. Barrow is in the upper most part of Alaska, also part of the artic circle. In July 2013 he population had estimated to be 4,373 living there, normal for a place so cold!

Some Plants and Animals There

Frequently Asked Question

Is it Always Snowing?

No, it's not during the summer. Temperatures are high enough during the summer for animals and plants to absorb heat and roam easier.

Food Chain

There are multiple food chains in the Tundra, the picture below will show that and I'll explain.

1)The Tundra gopher eats the grass, Arctic Fox eats the Gopher, Snowy Owl eats the Arctic Fox, The Snowy Owl dies and decomposes into the Earth.

2) The Arctic Hare eats the cotton grass, The Brow Bear eats the Arctic Hare, Brown Bear dies and decomposes into the Earth.

3) The Gopher eats the Lichen, The Arctic Fox eats the Gopher, The Polar Bear eats the Arctic Fox, Polar Bear dies and decomposes into the Earth.

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