Paget's Disease

By: Angela Bowling

What is Paget's Disease?

Paget's Disease is a condition of a bone characterized by the disorder by the normal bones remodeling process. It causes bones to grow too large and weak, the bones may break more easily. This disease can lead to other health problems. You can get this disease in any bones in your body.
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What Causes Paget's Disease?

Scientists have not identified a certain cause of Paget's Disease, they have only discovered a few things that seem to be linked to this disorder. Some think it is related to a viral infection in your bone cells that is probably present for many years before any problems appear.


The medical treatment of this disease involves medications called bisphosphonates or injectable calcitonin. Bone pain can require anti-inflammatory drugs or pain relieving medications. You might need heel lifts or specialized footwear if you have bone deformity also surgical operations may be necessary for joints and bones.

Who's Affected?


There are no known ways to prevent PD but eating a healthy diet with calcium and vitamin D and getting good exercise are important in keeping the bones healthy and having good joint mobility.