The Boy that got Kidnapped

By Isaiah Robinson

One hot day tom woke up from his bed got dressed quickly and went outside to play with his friend jerry . Jerry was short with curly hair and was very adventures . Tom and jerry was playing basketball in front of tom's house the two had a conversation about the basketball game that was last night on TV . Jerry told tom " That they was cheating for the opposite team " Tom commented back and said Yea I think they wanted too loose "
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The two finished the conversation and played a game of one on one . Tom gets the ball to shoot then jerry notices a Black Suv with dark windows slowly creeping up . Then the Van drives real fast to where the boys are and a tall black man with an Masks steps out the Van And grabs tom and Tom screams " Help Help Help Jerry sees what is going on and runs inside the house to hide . Jerry looks out the window and sees the Black man put Tom in the Back of the Van and shut the door and Drove off .
After Tom Realized What just Happened Tom looked up From the back of the van and seen And Told the passenger " What did I do " The Black men replied and said shut up and sit back " After tom herd what he said he started crying. Mean while At The house the little boy jerry dialed 911 to get help . He told the lady on the phone that his friend tom had just got kidnapped By a Black male in White Van . The lady asked jerry What did tom have on He replied and said he was wearing a white shirt and black shorts the red converse shoes . The lady then asked What did the black male have on he told her that he was wearing a black mask with holes and an black hoodie and black boots .
The lady then told local officers to look for a White van with tinted windows . The officers spotted the van and pulled it over and seen the little boy tom in the back of the van tied up he then was released from the van and was drove to the police station with the officer . The other Two black males in the van was sent to jail . The officer questioned tom and asked are you ok tom Replied and said " Yea im ok im Glad to be safe . The officer called toms mom she arrived at the station to pick tom up the two went home ate dinner and got Some Rest .