The Man From the other side

By Uri Orlev


This book is a realistic fiction book about a boy, that grew up close to his mother. Marek's dad unfortunately died when he was little, then Marek had to grow up with a step-dad named, Anthony a few years later. After Marek met a Jew on the street, one day, he decided to help him. That is when Marek's life changed
This book is called man from the other side by Uri Orlev. This book is a realistic fiction book. If you told someone, this book was a non-fiction book, they sure would believe you! In this book a boy named Marek, lives outside the Warshaw Ghetto. Some Polish men pressure Marek (only a young boy) into black-mailing a Jew. Marek has to make though decisions throughout the book.

Three real-life facts YOU can learn from this book are:

A lot of people who didn't like Jews, thought that they were devil worshipers, and sadly misunderstood the Jews

The Germans bombed many towns that were predominantly Jews.

Quite a few people had Jewish relatives, and didn't know until it was too late for them.

If you like non-fiction, this book can still work for you! This book is realistic-fiction, and seems very real! "The man from the other side" Is an easy read, and could be finished in a day if you tried. The rating of this book, is a 3-5