The Hollywood Diet


This diets claims are made of

No pills

No long books to read

No catches

Facts that I'm learned are

It's says that there are no pills that you have to take but right after it says no pills, it continues to say " suggested to take a metabolism pill"

What you can get and what's forbidden

What you can eat: veggies and fruit

What you can't eat: meat, sugars, oils, flour, dairy and fatty food

How does this compare to the food pyramid

You would eat the same thing but not as much dairy, or grains
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Why might people want to try this diet

They believe that they will get the body that they want and look the way they want, within weeks of doing this diet

Health issues with this diet

Diabetes,cancer, heart problems
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Important information

A pound of muscle contains about 700 calories, so in a fact if your body burns only muscles for energy you lose 6 pounds of muscles.
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