why i choose this career { reasons }

I always wanted to be a lawyer because they pay good money and they help if theirs any problems they can solve it. Lawyers can prove that they are guilty or not guilty with evidence and documents. And you need a professional degree or a doctoral degree. They get payed $115.820 per year and get payed $55.69 per hour. If you need more information go to the next written response also look at the picture. Also my job outlook is 6% as fast as average.

what do they do to help and do in office

  • As you read the title lawyers do all kinds of things. lawyers do more than office building stuff they can solve crimes in court. if they get a contract you have to signing it to go to court sometime you use documents for evidents. In office lawyers talk to people if they have the right to do like for example a person came in and said the bank did not give her money. sometimes the lawyer can get the evidence that the criminal had. here is another lawyer in court defending his person from getting in prison.

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