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Friday, March 20th, 2020

Week 1 "At Home School"

We have had the pleasure to hear some of your stories about the first week of "at home school". Some stories have been quite comical, however, we know for many of you these are trying times. We are working diligently at the Stoughton Area School District to provide you with a variety of at home learning opportunities for your children. Early Childhood and 4K families will continue to receive these SMORE newsletters throughout the time away from school buildings.

Reminder: Next week is Spring break and there will be no additional newsletters sent from March 23-27. We will resume communications on Monday, March 30th. Virtual learning will resume for K-12 students on March 30th.

Please continue to reach out to us if you are in need of anything during this time of at home learning via the EC/4K Google doc. We will do our best to support the SASD families and children during this time.

Stay well.

Erin and Sara Jane

Virtual Learning Opportunities

Dive into the Google folder full of Early Childhood and 4K activities!

COVID-19 Updates

The SASD is keeping you connected with the latest information regarding the COVID-19 developments. Please go to the District website for ongoing updated information.

Follow these CDC guidelines:

  • Stay home, especially if you're sick.
  • Practice aggressive social distancing.
  • Continue strong everyday preventive measures.
  • Avoid all nonessential travel.

For more information regarding Early Learning/4K go to the: DPI landing page for COVID-19

Social Story: My Name Is Coronavirus


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Family Routine Guide

Positive Solutions for Families

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Suggestions for Practice of Gross Motor Skills for Preschoolers

Locomotor – running, galloping, jumping up, down, and forward, and walking up/down steps, hopping, galloping

-Lots of time and space for running, galloping, and jumping (up, down into couch cushions, jump down from the bottom step of stairs, jump over obstacles)

-Run to “bases”, as part of kickball / t-ball games, or create simple soccer games (run, kick ball into makeshift goal)

-Tag games

-Walk up/down stairs (home, community, playground) - 2 feet/step first, progressing to an alternating step pattern

-Obstacle courses

-Animal walks (gallop like a horse, jump like a frog, bear walk, crab walk)

-Marching games (marching band, soldiers, 7 Dwarfs)

-Red Light / Green Light (start, stop, slow)

-Simon Says (run, gallop, jump, hop)

-Dance to music (there are a lot of music CDs for preschoolers)

For more gross motor activities click on the link: Gross Motor

Suggestions for Practice of Fine Motor Skills for Preschoolers

Control Small Muscles in Hands – manipulate small objects, eating utensils, cutting with scissors, drawing skills

-Dress up clothes to practice fasteners and dressing skills

-Play dough play encouraging squeezing, shapes, cutting, pinching, poking, rolling and manipulating

-Sand play – things to fill and shape with, dig and push tools

-Water squirting toys, squeezing sponge to wash off table

-Baster to push cotton balls, tongs to pick up different objects, (ex: to move packing peanuts “popcorn” into bags)

-Musical instruments – two handed, xylophone/piano (isolate fingers)

-Tear newspaper, tissue paper and other materials

-Hole punchers, staplers

-Spray bottles; squishy, squeezy toys

-Etch a Sketch

-Small objects to pick up and place (art projects, stickers, colorforms)

-Variety of media to cut

-Kitchen tools – stir, mix, knead, utensils to cut/stab/spread

-Finger play/songs, puppets

-Board games – requiring manipulation of small pieces

-Toys with small manipulatives (doll house, winding toys, spinning toys, nuts and bolts, small boxes)

-Toys with buttons to push, old phones with rotary dials

-Laundry station

Use Tools for Writing and Drawing- pre-writing skills, drawing

- Crayons and markers of different sizes

-Draw/color/paint on a vertical surface (like chalkboard, easel, paper on a wall)

-Trace and draw with a variety of media (chalk, finger paints, pastels, rocks, crayons, markers, different sizes of markers and crayons)

-Magic slates, magnadoodle

-Write/draw on different textures (like sand paper, plastic bag with shaving cream in it)

-Stencils, stamps, magnetic letters

-“Writing box” with a variety of writing utensils and different kinds of paper

-write on tiny pieces of paper and large sheets of paper, paper bags

For more fine motor activities click on the link: Fine Motor

Occupational Therapy Home Activities

Thanks to Amie Rivest for sharing fine motor activities!!

Message from your teachers

Dear Students and Families,

We are happy that we can provide you some "at home" activities during this time.

Enjoy time with your family!

Stay well,

The Early Childhood and 4K Staff

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Kate Ahlgren, Director of Curriculum and Instruction


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