Memory Loss

Why do we forget?

  • From emotional shock, disease, or injury.
  • A blow to the head may also be the cause.
  • Long term or short term memory loss.
  • We get older.
  • You sometimes remember the good things and sometimes the bad.
  • For instance I have memory loss, and for some reason it kinda made me forget almost all of my happy moments and only remember the bad.
  • Sometimes when you fall asleep and dream you can sort a kinda sometimes see or remember your past, but when you wake up you sometimes remember fragments of your dreams.
  • Sometimes people forget freinds or family members names!
  • Sometimes people need a little sound or smell to remember something.
  • Sometimes when people have memory loss might have complete memory loss which is very very rare.
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How can you help people with memory loss?

Doctor's have suggestions that might help with memory loss which is to keep your brain acteive, be sociol with other people, and to eat spicy Indian food that have turmeric.