Walt Disney

By Erin Lesch

Early Life

~ Born Dec. 5, 1901
~ Father: Elias Disney
~ Mother: Flora Disney
~ Raised in Missouri
~ Moved in 1911 to Kansas City- to work for uncle at train station
~ After moving he went to McKinley High School
~ At night went to an Art Institute
~ Dropped out of high school at 16 and joined army
~ Was denied because of age and sent with red cross to France
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First Start

~ 1919 he returned from France
~ Went back to Kansas City to get job at newspaper company- cartoons
~ He studied with Ubbe Iwwerks for back page newspaper
~ He started looking at cameras to do hand drawn animation
~ Quit newspaper job to do film adds from own business- 7min called Alice in Cartoon-land
~ 1923 his business closed do to bankruptcy
~ 1925 got back in gear with ink-and-paint art and created 3 new characters for ads and one was mickey mouse
~ After mickey, sound came with Walt being the mouse it was a sensation
mickey mouse first cartoon whistle


~ Drawing (to sell to neighbors)
~ Painting (to sell to neighbors)
~ Photography
~ Cartoons (drawing them)

Being Reconized

~ 1929 ad for Mickey and his band
~ 1933 ad Oscar for first colored film to be produced
~ Dec. 21, 1937 full-length movie was produced $1 million during depression
~ 1939-1940 Walt Disney opened studios in Burbank
~ 1940-1950 started stringing together short films
~ 1950 started (instead of short films) animated films - Cinderella
~ 150-1955 a train of films
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Big Break

~ 1955 Disney $17 million Disney land theme park grand opening
~ Even Ronald Reagen visited in the first couple years it opened

Later Life

~ Started making plans for Florida's theme park
~ When under construction in 1966 Disney was diagnosed with lung cancer
~ Walt Elias Disney died Dec.15, 1966
~ Roy (brother) finished the design of the theme park in Florida in 1971
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