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Spring Break Must reads

Spring break is finally here! And I'm sure many of you are facing the same challenge you are faced with every year. What books should I read? Well I am here to save you from yet another spring break of lame books that left you with nothing but lost time. I hope my recommendations can keep you busy!

Lizzy's Picks

Jandy Nelson

I have only discovered Jandy Nelson a couple months ago when she was recommended to me by a friend. Her books have been so mesmerizing that I am struggling to find another book that grabs me liker hers.
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Alexandria of Africa

Alexandria of Africa is an inspirational story of a snooty rich girl with a bad attitude but after being forced into a service trip to Africa her whole outlook on the world changes. Alexandria goes through many new experiences that shows her that life is not all about clothes, money, and social status. Eric Walters (the author) takes us through the extraordinary experiences that Alexandria went through in Africa that changed her from a self centred brat to a mature young woman.

3.3/5 lightbulbs

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An Abundance of Katherines

John Green is a fantastic writer who seems to captivate readers of all ages. I have read quite a few of his books and recommend most all of them but my favourite was An Abundance of Katherines. Colin Singleton has only ever dated girls named Katherine. After 19 failed relationships he decides to create a math equation to predict the future of any relationship. Following Colin on his mission to avenge "dumpees" every where, John Green takes you on a ride full of unpredictable twists and turns which will leave you hungry for more.

3.8/5 lightbulbs

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Since You've Been Gone

Personally after reading a very deep thought provoking book, I could use one a little more happy and light. Since You've Been Gone is the perfect spring break read. It has a light mood that keeps you hanging on until the last word. When Emily finds herself alone all summer after her best friend Sloane disappears into thin air, finding a list written by her is almost a miracle. The list is filled with crazy dares that Emily would never do... especially not without Sloane. Emily is determined to finish the list in hopes of bringing her back, even if it means doing things she wouldn't even do if Sloane was there with her.

1. Kiss a stranger

2. Go skinny dipping

3. Steal something

4. Break something

5. Penelope

6. Ride a dern Horse

7. 55 S. Ave. Ask for Mona

8. The backless dress

9. Dance until dawn

10. Share some secrets in the dark

11. Hug a Jamie

12. Apple picking at night

13. Sleep under the stars

3.7/5 lightblubs

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Keeping the Moon

I have read almost all of Sarah Dessen's books, and none of them have disappointed me. Keeping the Moon would have to be my favourite. Most of her books are romantic, but this one is more about the power of having strong friendships. It shows how a strong bond of friendship can erase all feelings of self consciousness and replace it with confidence.

5/5 lightbulbs

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If I Stay

I'm sure many of you have seen the movie If I Stay, but i assure you the book is 10x better! The tragic story of when Mia loses her whole family in one single moment captivates any true book lover. As we follow Mia through the most difficult time of her life we learn that in her position "Dying is easy. Living is hard". The New York Times Bestselling author Gayle Forman put together an intriguing view from the other side(Mia in a coma), as Mia is forced to choose her own fate after losing all her family and everything she has to live for.

4/5 lightbulbs

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13 Reasons Why

Jay Ashers brilliant perspective on a teen's suicide gives the reader a whole new outlook on this social issue. Clay Jensen is thrown into a world of secrets when mysterious tapes end up on his doorstep. As he learns the tapes were made by Hannah he is confused in why he was given them. They are all made before her death and given to the people who she believes were the main causes of her suicide. Then why is Clay in there? As he listens more and more what he discovers changes his life forever.

5/5 lightbulbs

There is also recorded versions of the tapes on you tube.

Your reviews

I am always curious to know what books everyone has been reading so don't forget to send in your own reviews! I will put them on the next post!

Have a good spring break everyone!!

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