Animal Discoveries

Project to Learn About Different Animals

Your Mission

Discover rarely known animals and share this information with your fellow classmates. Find the coolest, weirdest, grossest animals you can - whichever group has the most WOW factor will get +10 on this project!

Ocean Turd or Creepy Looking Sea Cucumber

The above animal is an filter feeder that lives in the ocean. It is soft, considered a delicacy in Asia and full of water in its center. When fishermen catch sea cucumbers, they have to slash their bodies to drain out most of the water to make them lighter and allow the fishermen to catch more.

Animal or NOT - Guess which picture is NOT an animal....

Work with just 1 other person

Say What....

Choose wisely. Do not choose the person who will be absent for the next week. Do not choose the person who will watch you do the work but take all the credit. Above all else, contribute to the project and make it the best thing you have done all year! Make your partner want to choose you the next time they have a project.

Learn what you can about your animal group - you will draw for animal groups

Try not to laugh challenge IMPOSSIBLE - FUNNY Videos 2016 - Funny Animals