Mermaids, Real or Fake?

By Hannah Harmes

So whats the big deal?

You might ask this, mermaids have been apart of our lives ever since we were little, but how did we come up with this idea in the firstplace?


Stories of mermaids have existed way before we were born ( Castro, 2014). In 1493 Christopher Columbus himself claimed he had spotted a mermaid around Haiti (Castro, 2014). Captain John Smith also claimed that he had seen a mermaid in 1614 by newfoundland, and he fell in love with her (Castro, 2014).

Here are some photos of real sightings.


Mermaids could very well be real. Some dolphins help humans fish, that could be a skill that they aqquired from other human like creatures ("Mermaids...", 2016). The logbook of Blackbeard describes a mermaid ("Mermaids...", 2016). There have also been five sighting in the susquehanna river, according to a pensylvanian fisherman ("Mermaids...", 2016). So do you think they're real?


Some people believe that mermaids don't exist at all. Others believe that they could just be exitinct. I agree with the idea that mermaids are real, but they are in hiding. This could very well be possible because they could be just as smart as we are, so they know to stay away from us humans, as we like to stay away from the supernatural.