Global citizenship

What we need to do

What is a global citizen?

A global citizen Is someone who identifies with being part of an emerging world community

What is my role as a global citizen?

To help bring awareness to people towards nature and why we need to protect it.


I personally want to be many things in life. One of which is a hunting guild. For 3 to 6 days I would take people in the back country where technology doesn't work, and nights aren't filled with the sounds of the city, and freeway noises. Being out in nature gives you a greater understanding for what it is and the wildlife that calls it home. Its worked for me. Also, all hunting gear including tag and licence fees have a tax on them to go to conservation efforts. One way ive already helped the preservation of nature is by purchasing lots of hunting gear.


Wildlife in 1984 was nonexistent with the exception of rats. There is only a small section of the book that mentions nature. If we want our world to not end up like 1984, rethinking areas of deforestation, construction, fracking sites, and oil drilling plants.