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Welcome Back from the #nisdITteam

Exciting Happenings for the Start of 2016!

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Techno Expo 2016 FAQ

Top 3 Tools from 2015

2015 Celebrations!

  • More submissions have been submitted for Techno Expo than were submitted at this time last year. The quality of projects to continues to improve!
  • Google Drive and it's collaborative features have become part of the culture in Northwest ISD. The analytics (picture on the right) is proof of the continual Google Drive from students and teachers.
  • Steele Student Advocates teach multiple elementary Coding Clubs the basics of coding via Zoom.us.
  • Northwest STEM students challenged Roanoke third graders to create a system that would transport something from the ground into a tree house. STEM students chose the best projects and turned them into 3D models. The models were then presented them to the third grade team.
  • Students and teachers are embracing the new Moodle update, including a customizable dashboard.