By: Emma Dziengeleski


What is Speed?

Speed is rapidity in moving, going, traveling, proceeding, or performing.

What factors in the design of a car have an effect on speed?

Some factors of the car have that effect the speed include aerodynamics and the weight.

How does modeling and prototyping help with the development of products?

Modeling and prototyping helps with the development of products because it gives you a better idea on how the actual thing will work. Plus you can also figure out what will be a good size and a good material to make your product with.


What factors are important for a successful launch of your car?

Some factors are that are important for a successful launch of your car include, to make sure everything on your car like the launch hole and axle holes were in the right spot. You had to make sure that the launch hole was centered, because if it was off center it could cause your car to not launch correctly and go slower or just affect the way your car moves. With the axle holes you had to make sure that they weren't to close to the middle or too close to the edges of the car, and make sure that they weren't low to the base of the car.

What are the best features of your car?

Some of the best features of my car included the curved sides which caused it to be more aerodynamics, and how my car was lower to the ground in the front which caused it to be smoother.

Is there anything about your car that will negatively affect its performance?

Yes, some of the negative features did affect the way my car worked. The weight of my car was a lot so I'm guessing REALLY slow. Plus my car was more thicker so that will also caused it to go slower.

How many mph do you think your car will go?

I think that my car will go slower, but I would hope it would beat someone else's car. Maybe like 6mph.


What turned out well?

On my car the creating of the car went good but the racing not as much.

What did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed designing and creating my car the way I wanted it.

What could be better? What would you improve or do differently next time?

My design and changing the shape so it would be faster and not weigh as much. To improve for next time I would make my car smaller and make it lower to the ground so the aerodynamics would be WAY better.

What was your least favorite part?

My least favorite part was the racing because my car went really slow and didn't even cross the finish line.