5 Themes of Austin

By: Emme Copertino


This picture shows Austin's location. It gives you a view of all of texas. How Austin is North of San Antonio. Also how Austin is North of Corpus Christi and South of Lubbock which makes in central Texas. If you were to so a map of it in the whole world, you observe that it is one of the places closer to the equator so it gets very hot in Austin.


The picture below is of Hamilton Pool. Hamilton Pool is a natural water hole where you can go to swim in the cool water. It represents place because it is one o the psychical features of Austin. It gets very hot and us being human we naturally want to cool off. the only logical thing to do is to douse yourself in water. Hamilton Pool is a fun family activity to do so.


The picture of ACL (Austin City Limits) is a massive music festival. It brings people from all over to Austin to experience this social event. It applies to movement because it gathers people that are not usually in Austin to come to Austin and enjoy the fun and active environment that it offers to its visiter.

Human Enviornment Interactions

SXSW ( South by Southwest) is a huge event in March. It involves film contest, live music and interactive panels. This gives the people attending the chance to interactive with the event. You socialize with people and question the panels. It has all sorts of things to do with the all different generes. You endlessly interact with people to get around and enjoy the activities.


The region in which Austin lies is the Hill Country. We have gently rolling hills which obviously is why its called Hill Country. The Hill country region is not completely flat but not super hilly it is the perfect in between. Its better than some other region in Texas like the tropical region because they have lower elevation and there land is not as sturdy.