Constitutional Convection

Tyson Clinkenbeard

What is the Constitutional Convection?

The Constitutional Convection is the point when we decided how the US was going to be governed. Even though the convection was to originally revise the articles of confederation but ended up being a bigger deal.

The Virginia Plan

The Virginia Plan is the form of fifteen resolutions that detailed reasons why the Articles of Confederation should be altered and used for a strong National Government that could collect taxes and make and enforce laws. The Virginia Plan was based on a national and state government system with a Separation of the three levels of the government.

The two famous people who supported The Virginia Plan

James Madison

The 4th President of our Country.

The one who wrote this plan.

Edmund Randolph

Started off just as a Lawyer.

2nd US secretary of state.

Put the plan before the Convection.

The New Jersey Plan

The New Jersey Plan was also known as the Small State Plan or the Paterson Plan, consisted of 11 resolutions that were offered as an alternative option to the Virginia Plan for the smaller states to be equal to the larger states.

William Paterson

Was just a New Jersey sales men.

Propsed the New Jersey Plan to the Convection.

Associate justice of the supreme court.

Any one in a small state

People who wanted there votes to mean the same as someone in a big state

Problems at the convection

They all had to compromise and meet in the middle for there to be a resolution.