The Crucible and McCarthyism

Tierra Jones


  • Draw evidence from literary and informational texts to support analysis, reflection and research.
  • create a presentation to show the relationship between The Crucible and McCarthyism


  • the practice of making accusation of disloyalty subversion, or treason without proper regard of evidence.

The Crucible

  • Was written to be an allegory for the anti-communist " Witch Hunts " led by Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950's
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The Relationships

The Comparison of McCarthyism and The Crucible were the following:

  • both Paranoid ensued
  • both had no proof to show
  • Both Increased Hostility
  • Both Failed
  • Both had people accused

Increased Hostility and Ruined Live

  • McCarthy falsely accused people
  • The young girls in The Crucible accused people

No proof to show

  • McCarthyism- Joseph McCarthy said the 200 " card claiming" members of the communist part had came into the U.S government
  • in The Crucible- the young girls claimed they have seen the existence of witches in Salem

Paranoid ensued

  • McCarthyism feared the outbreak of Communism
  • in The Crucible feared the outbreak of Witch Craft

Both Failed

  • McCarthy assumed people were guilty of communist to see if they would reveal others,
  • In The Crucible the people assumed that adnormal people were guilty of witchcraft to see if they would reveal others that had any dealings with the devil

Both Accused

  • McCarthyism accused people of being apart of the communist party
  • In The Crucible they accused the people of witchcraft