Most Awesome U.S. President

By Jimmy Carter

Most Awesome: Strong Foreign Relations

President JC was very strong when it came to foreign relations, especially during the Iran Hostage Crisis, when he safely brought more than 60 Americans safely back home.

Most Awesome: Stagflation

Stagflation: A combination of high inflation, high unemployment, and slow growth. What else can you ask from a President? This quality truly was the cherry on top for clarifying Jimmy as the most awesome President.

Top 3 Most Awesome Presidents

Jimmy's Presidency: No problems guaranteed

Frequently Asked Questions

How is it possible that this nation was blessed with such an amazing, strong-willed, thoughtful, thankful, beautiful, awesome President?

What wrongs has this President done? Can you think of any?

Class superlatives

1. Most likely to be successful- Clay Teal

2. Most likely to be a CEO- Aaron Tesh

3. Most likely to stay up until 2 doing homework- Matthew Whaley