A Walk To End Bullying

Please Join Us As We Walk To Stop Bullying

A Little Bit about bullying

Bulling needs to stop, your not only hurting the person but you're also hurting the friends and family of that person, especially if the person you're bullying takes their life like my friend Kenneth did. Its not funny and your not cool when you do it. What do you get from it? Some sort of sick pleasure? Well you shouldn't, you should feel terrible about what you do and say to the person your hurting, you need to stop and think before you speak and watch what you show with your actions. Just remember, please think before you speak because bullying really does hurt. Because of what you bullies did my friend took his own life, he got bullied because he was gay, none of this should have ever happened. But the thing is, its not only him that have taken their lives, many kids everyday take their lives for being bullied. I'm gonna end this with two short messages, Stop the hate and Be Buddies Not Bullies.

The Event?

Come join the Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn Middle School Students as we walk the day on May 25,2012 for an end to bullying. We will begin walking at about 9:00 A.M. and end our walk at about 11:00 A.M. This walk will be for bullying and to give a signal that bullying needs to stop and that words DO hurt. So if you think bullying needs to stop come join us in our walk on the 25 of May.