Portable Bluetooth Speakers

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Portable Bluetooth Speakers
Turn your iphone or android into disco with portable wireless bluetooth speakers. We call them tweakers! With big bass sound and full sound these small packages pack a large punch!


Modern Bluetooth Technology allows us to take music anywhere and share it with the world. We always focus on the best Bluetooth portable speakers featuring wireless Bluetooth connectivity. You’ll find helpful reviews, great deals, and useful tips for getting the most out of your speakers and you end up with the perfect “portable sound system” to take and enjoy your music anywhere.
You've got your music on your phone, and you're ready to play. Enjoy deeper, more powerful sound than you thought possible from a speaker this small. The Grandmax's Bluetooth speaker works wirelessly with Apple, Android and BlackBerry devices, or your tablet or laptop—and goes wherever you do for music when you want, where you want

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