Not so Middle Aged

William the Conqueror, Joan of Arc, and King John

WIlliam The Conqueror

Before you skip over this you should know that William was a major ruler in terms of the Middle Ages. This article could help in a World History project.

Born around year 1028 in Falaise, Normandy. He was known as "William the B******, not a b****** in terms of personality but he was called that due to him being an illegitimate child ,but that never stopped him from being successful. " I fight with steel not lead". Although William was illiterate and couldn't speak a word of English, he had more influence than anyone on the evolution of the English language. William had taken throne at age 8 when his brother died and was knighted at age 18 and finally gained his rights as a duchy. William was a shrewd and an intelligent man in his youth and that certainly helped him as he became a man. Following his knighthood in 1042, by 1064 William had conquered and won two major provinces; Britain and Maine. He was involved in the famous Battle of Hastings and won. He was crowned king on Christmas Day. He died in 1087 in Rouen France.

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc was born in 1412 and she died May 30 1431. She was a feisty spirit and although she was a devout Christian she would slap and yell at her soldiers whenever they did something wrong. She lived in (France) and was nicknamed "The Maid of Orleans". She was a national heroine of France. She led a French army to victory and conquered the British at Orleans at age eighteen. She says that she saw God and many saints and spoke to them. Maybe she's right because when she jumped off a bridge of 60 feet, she lived. " It is a true blessing to have the privilege to speak to our Father but although I see, I see alone and I am not believed by many" She was also pretty reckless because in Stronghold of Les tourelles when she got shot in her neck with an arrow, she still continued to fight and so her army won England.

King John

He was born on December 24, 1167 in Oxford, United Kingdom and died in October 19, 1216 in Nework, United Kingdom. Remember the Magna Carta? Yeah, he signed it. Anyway, John wasn't chosen to be king at first. He was a very short-tempered person and very greedy. John received titles, lands and money, but this was not enough. He was certainly happy to be crowned king after his brother died but no malitia there. Also Known by the Nickname: Lackland. John, King Henry II youngest son, had been called Lackland, because he had nothing when his brothers each had some great dukedom. War with France was renewed, triggered by John's second marriage. While asked to mediate between the rival families of Lusignan and By 1206, he married the Angoulâme heiress Isabella, who had been betrothed to Hugh de Lusignan. A rebellion broke out and John was ordered to appear before his overlord, Philip II of France. His failure to do so resulted in war. Good job John. By 1206, John had lost Normandy, Anjou, Maine and parts of Poitou. These failures were a damaging blow to his prestige and he was determined to win them back. This required money, so his government became increasingly ruthless and efficient in its financial administration. Taxes soared and he began to exploit his feudal rights. Oh his people did not like that. Because of this John was pressured to sign the Magna Carta which limited royal rule and the Civil War ended. " I stooped so low, but I don't regret a thing".