By Adam Patel

What is Hardware

Hardware is a device which is connected physically or wireless to your computer . Most hardware will contain a circuit board and other electronics. a good example for a type of hardware is a computer monitor which is an output, without the computer monitor you will not be able to see, this is the same for hardware. without the computer would not exist.

Hard Disk

A hard disk is a data storage device used for storing and retrieving data using rapidly rotating disks coated with metal material. The Hard Disk is known as a HDD. It consists of one or more rapidly rotating disks.


A CPU stands for Central Processing Unit is a type of hardware that carries out the instructions of the computer program. it performs the basic knowledge of input and output. CPU companies like Intel and AMD are popular in modern PCs.

Computer Fan

A computer fan is a fan used for active cooling whilst using the computer. this will help for long hours of use on a PC. A fan can also be used to cool down a particular component.


A motherboard is where everything goes in the computer. It controls parts of the PC and without it nothing will work. It is the main part of the computer. a mother will often look green with many circuits on the mother board and will also have many parts on the motherboard

Sound Card

A sound card is a device used in computers which allows the use of audio components for multimedia applications. the sound card has two slots, one for the audio which is known as a 3.55 mm jack and the other is the microphone slot