Wilson Weekly

February 19th, 2016


Conference Week!

2/24-2/25: Early Release

2/24: Wilson at ISC for WSA Seminar 9-12

2/25: Chick-fil-a Spirit Night

Formative 2

I will be starting the second formative round of observations on March 1st. There are a few of you who I have yet to do your Brief 4, but I will do my best to get to you next week so that we're all on the same page.

As I come around here are some of the specific instructional strategies that I will be looking for:

  • AKS aligned instruction (in whole group, guided groups, and student groups), intervention groups that address the needs of students according to data (both for remediation and acceleration).
  • Components of BLN starting with the Architecture of a Mini Lesson.
  • Lesson plans that are aligned with the rigor of the standards.

My goal is to give effective feedback to support your daily classroom instruction. I am looking forward to seeing all of your hard work and dedication at providing our students with an excellent education.

Release Time

We have scheduled release time for 4th quarter and are working on the specifics on sub coverage and Title 1 cost coverage. Due to title cost restraints, the time of year and the challenge of getting substitutes we are limiting the number of people who will be taking part in the release time.

Here is the plan:

February 29th (all day)

Language Arts: Blankenship, Back, and Resnick

March 2nd (11:30-3:30)

Math: Shaw, Freeman, and Hamrick

March 4th (7:30-3:30)

SS: Shaw, Smarch, Sanchez

March 4th (11:30-3:30)

SC: Atkinson, Freeman, and Rossetti

There will be coach or specialist support in each session to provide everyone with additional resources and to help delve into the standards deeper. If you can have an outline of the pacing calendar ready PRIOR to the release time that will enable us to jump into creating/adjust common summative assessments first to ensure that we're assessing at the rigor level stated in the standard.

Happy Friday!

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