Our Checklist

Help you know what to do along the way!

Day One

  • Watch my intro video
  • Get excited for what you're going to be learning!
  • Jot down any notes you have on how you think a bill becomes a law

Day Two

  • Click on the link "Essential Question"
  • Learn about how our government was set up from your teacher!
  • Write a two paragraph reflection about laws you know and turn it into your teacher before you leave class!

Days Three and Four

  • Click on the "Let' Get Started" link
  • Watch the Schoolhouse Rock video
  • Write a three paragraph reflection of what you learned in this video/any other questions you have
  • Learn more about How a Bill Becomes a Law
  • Fill out the worksheet "How a Bill Becomes a Law" and give it to your teacher!

Day Five

  • Click on on the "Show What You Know" link
  • Click on the handout to learn about your project!
  • Look at the examples of board games provided
  • Ask your teachers any questions you might have!

Days Six through Eight

In class work days!

  • Work with your partners to create your project!
  • Ask your teachers any questions you might have!

Day Nine

Presentation Day!

  • Project should have been emailed to your teacher prior to class
  • Get with your group to show your video to your class
  • Watch other group's videos!

Day Ten

Last day of this project/ play day!

  • Bring your board game and game cards into class
  • Get with another group to play each other's board games!
  • Leave your board games with your teacher
  • Do your online project evaluation by midnight!