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Shaw Staff Bulletin Vol 35

Quote of the Week: 5/2-5/6

"Don't limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time."

~Rabindranath Tagore

Virtue of the Week:

The virtue this week is moderation, which means creating a balance in your life between work and play, rest and exercise. Moderation is having or doing enough of something - not too much, not too little, but what's just right for you. Make moderation a focus as you hand out Sundog Tickets and/or give points on Class Dojo this week.

Weekly Meetings:

  • CICO meeting on Tuesday at 8:30 in the Chateau
  • Sped and ELL class placements, Wednesday at 8:30 in the Chateau (come prepared to recommend placement of students on your caseload)
  • DRAFT Day Student Placements: Friday, 5/6

DRAFT Day, May 6th:

See the attached schedule for Friday's DRAFT day.

Teeland Theater Troupe:

Mrs. Reid will be here on May 3rd with her Theater Troupe. There will be three shows, which will take place during 5th, 4th, and 3rd grade specials. Note, all classes from each grade level will attend the show at your respective specials times.

Stop and Think:

Please be mindful of following the appropriate protocol for Stop and Think. I've noticed us slipping with the consistent use of the system. Verbiage is extremely important "you have chosen Reset 1 for ...." Afterwards be sure to debrief with the student "why did you choose Reset 1? Do you need more time to think about your choice? What might be a better choice next time?"

Extra Recess:

Please be respectful of the playground rules if you happen to take your kids outside for an incentive-based recess. Students should follow all playground rules as dictated at recess for consistency.

MAP Testing:

Please remember to hype up MAP testing by setting goals with your students as well as discussing the Terrific Tester checklist.

MAP Reports:

MAP reports are now up and running correctly. Remember, the window is officially open until May 5th, which means any reports you run may not have accurate information as it relates to data compared to district-wide. Accurate data will be available once the window closes on May 5th and all kids have been accounted for as testing.

MAP/CPAA Celebration:

We have planned two separate movies to celebrate our students' efforts during the MAP and CPAA this spring. Students have made fantastic growth and should be very proud of themselves; we're certainly proud of them.

  • Wed, 5/4 is the K-2 grade movie celebration in the gym at 2:00 PM.
  • Fri, 5/13 is the 3-5 grade movie celebration in the gym at 9:30 AM.

View Pure Tool:

The following link will take you to the Purify website where you can utilize the great content on Youtube worry free. Once at the Purify link you can simply click and drag the orange Purify button to the top of your page in the bookmark bar. Once it's on the bookmark bar you can open a youtube video and click on the Purify button (on bookmark bar) to ensure you have an ad free and popup free viewing experience.

Field Trips:

As we move into the extremely busy season of field trips, please be sure to get all your trips on the calendar and meet with Shelley to ensure you have funds to cover buses. Please be sure to include Jackie in your field trip planning so she can be adequately prepared with sack lunches if needed.

Healthy Snack Challenge:

Are encouraging your students to record their healthy snacks? The logs are due this Thursday with the bouncy celebration taking place on Monday, May 9th.
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Elementary Track Meet

Saturday, May 14th, 9am

1170 East Palmer Moose Drive

Palmer, AK

Come cheer on your Shaw Track team as the compete in the largest track meet in the state! Go Sundogs!

Need a Sub?

  • Donna Mereness (907) 301-0368–Our building sub T-F
  • Danielle Mangum (907) 306-0350
  • Rosalinda Albanese (907) 229-5739

  • Emily Nokes-Minor (907) 854-5445
  • Lenore Zupko (907) 346-0742
  • Denali Critchette (907) 399-7789
  • Jennifer Clark (907) 373-1999
  • Hari Atmi-Khalsa (907) 376-4601
  • Rosalind Lynch (818) 517-2132
  • Teresa Slaven (907) 373-6369
  • Molly Smedley (907) 376-8230
  • Charlie Yoder (907) 355-2848
  • Leona Bennet (907) 227-9082
  • Bonnie Whitefeather (907)
  • Jody Komis (907) 373-7654
  • Crystal Palmer