Receiving and Inspecting

Are your foods in good condition

Tools needed receiving and inspecting purchase orders

the tools your staff needs to ensure that you are getting good products are- Include purchase orders, thermometers, and scales.

What is a key drop delivery? Who should be inspecting?

Staff members that are trained enough to handle the packages and make sure you have the right products and safe products. A key drop delivery is when the supplier is given a key or other access to be able to make the delivery.

When and how a rejected item takes place.

If you need to reject an item be sure to remove it from the product your keeping and then tell the delivery person exactly whats wrong.

ROP food (MAP, vaccuum packed) What they are? Or other packaged food?

Put the thermometer probe between two packages. If you can fold the thermometer the stem or probe then do so. Be careful not to puncture the package. For other packaged food, open the package and insert the thermometer stem in the food. The sensing part must be all the way into the food