Conserving Household Energy


How to reduce your ecological footprint

Here are many easy ways to reduce your ecological footprint:

- turn off the light when not needed

- walk, take the bus or ride a bike

- use non-toxic cleaning products

- buy energy efficient appliances


Benefits to the environment and yourself

Many things you can do to conserve energy in your household, by conserving energy in your household this can also benefit to the environment including yourself. Conserving energy can benefit the environment because it can lessen the chances of climate change, make our planet cleaner & greener. Conserving energy can also benefit yourself because you can save money on monthly utility bills and also make you feel better about helping our environment.

Harms to the environment

Not saving energy can affect the environment in a lot of negative ways.

•burning coal ; heavy pollution

•release carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases

•can contaminate precipitation and rain back down as acid rain.

•Birds can fly into power lines

Overall, conserving energy is essential and there are many easy thing we can do to do it. This can benefit our environment and yourself and help damaging the world. Lets keep our planet clean and green :)