Wonderlandia Children Fight!

Prince and Princess battle off for an animal at their side


Wonderlandia is a place. A place where things you could never imagine happen. One faithful day, The princess, Arsyla "Styla", and the prince, Harley, fight off for a spirit animal. Something better than a pet, and better than an army, both heirs would need this. Which one will the spirit animal pick, and what will it be? Hopefully they won't be a dud.

There dad, the king of animals, is hoping for Harley, becuase he doesn't think his Daughter is mature enough or needs it. Like, have you seen that child though, her father might wanna think twice. She is a feisty lil' one that is AMAZINGLY SWAGILICIOUS in battle.

The fight

The battle of Legend

There once was a legend, that everyone was told. But no one ever knew was going to happen. The legend is, that their once was 4 spirit animals of Legend. One, the leader, was Ray. He, was a wolf. He has dark grey eyes, and a large snout. But, he was much bigger than any wolf you have seen. He is 5 foot tall, and he is the spirit of battle. The second, is Aaru, the hawk of legend. She is 3 feet tall, and 19 feet wide, she is black with brown feathers, a yellow bill,with light blue eyes, like the sky. and is the spirit of speed. Another, Jaru, is a panda. She is the spirit of wisdom and battle strategy. she is about... 7 feet tall. Black and white with purple eyes. And last of all, Gry. He is jaguar. He was told about, that he ran away. He can change his pelt, from black to jaguar print. He is the spirit of Strength and skill.

Now, the Prince and Princess

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