Those who persevered!

Article Written By: Brenden Mathis

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson is a legendary African American baseball player that was remembered for how he persevered through racism, segregation and being looked down upon constantly. Despite all of that he ignored the way everybody felt about him and continued to do what he loves most. Play baseball

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt was America's very first "first lady" and she was married to Theodore Roosevelt. Why you may be asking am I writing about her if she had such a happy life?

well this is more about her childhood instead. You see, when she was born she wasn't exactly the prettiest girl. In fact even the doctor told her parents that she was unattractive.(yikes!) Regardless of how people felt about her she was able to be persistent and ignore how people felt about her. Eventually she found the right person for her and lived happily for the rest of her life.