Homelessness in America

Its an ever growing problem anyone can face

They need our help

Lack of Affordable Housing: There is a severe lack of affordable housing in the United States. The growing gap between wage earnings and the cost of housing in the United States leaves millions of families and individuals unable to make ends meet. According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, families across the country would need to earn a "housing wage" of $15.37 an hour, nearly three times the current minimum wage, to afford a two-bedroom apartment at the average fair market rent. Even in West Virginia, the least expensive rental state in the country, a full-time wage earner would have to earn over $8.78/hour-$3 higher than the federal minimum wage-in order to afford a two bedroom apartment.


By getting the word out I believe anyone can be helpful just by being informed

It can happen to anyone in an instant, even you!

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This is a nation wide epidemic

Below is a creative way some German students helped out a homeless man
Three German students surprise a homeless guy
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Chris Gardner, a true "rags to riches" story. His full story is below