By: Emily Trainor


Globalization is the world's collaboration of culture, the economy, and the environment, through improvements of technology and communications.

Technology: The changes and improvements in our world today are due to the huge impact of new technology.

Culture: The difference between groups of people based on characteristics of religion, ethnicity, languages, food, government, and/or music.

Environment: The world around us and the impact it has on us through the environment.

Economy: Through deregulation and communications, an international process is able to let financial and investment markets operate.

Relationship with Globalization

Some common patterns that occur in the relationship with globalization and I are, I use the four aspects of globalization every day. The use of technology in my life is impeccable. I rely on the internet for so much. From social networks to Google to different YouTube videos. This connects my life to globalization because when I use these sources of technology I am becoming a smarter person and will be able to use the information I find to maybe in the future invent my own social network. I connect with culture because I am an American and I experience different cultures everyday. For example, the different food from countries and the variety of foods that eat. My relationship with the environment is that I live in it, and that due to factories and the carcinogens in the air, our world is getting polluted. Although I am not polluting the air myself, any people are by either smoking or burning fossil fuels like oil or gas. Lastly, I collaborate with globalization through the economy. Almost everyday I am spending money or my parents are spending money. This shows how people have to pay money in order to receive things back; for me it be food at lunch, for my parents it could be the bills on taxes. Every day I am somehow connected to globalization, whether it be from buying something or using a social network putting myself out on the internet. In these cases, the way I am connected shows how the affects could be good or bad. For example, I am starting to realize my outlook on the world by learning through school and the internet. Also I buy many things, connecting myself to the economy.

Affects of Globalization

Some of the relationships between globalization and I could be good other could be bad. For instance, using the internet defeats the purpose of talking face to face with people but it also increase the chance of having better technology in the future. This doesn't mean globalization is either bad or good, it just means there is always going to both sides to it. The impacts of globalizations can be bad in many ways, polluting the Earth with factories, ruining communication skills, depending too much on other countries, and having too much of a mixed culture. Several good aspects of globalization are the world is enhancing the way it runs due to technology, people have created the idea to recycle and make it a bigger deal to keep the Earth healthy, start the tradition of buying presents from the USA for Christmas, and keeping some American made products a part of our culture. This affects my life because without any of these good or bad things, there would be no learning on how to improve the world on terms of interdependence between nations. Some ways these problems could be fixed are, taking risks to communicate more and improve our economy. If the US takes the risk to start making more products in the United States then there would be the joy of not having a foreign product. As of right now, most of the products that people own are from other foreign countries. This could be improving our culture, economy, and potentially our technology.


Red Carpet Collections Curling Crème made by L.A. Looks in the United States of America

This product has the first ingredient of water, glycerin, and mineral oil. Although these are not al the specific ingredients, they are the basis of L.A. Curling Crème. The natural resource water can be found from either the ocean, lakes, rivers, or a water source that the company has. The water would be filtered and then out in the product. On the other hand, glycerin is a product of fats and oils. Glycerin is extracted from triglycerides, which is found in fats and oils from human oil and sometimes blood. The mineral oil is taken from oil found under Earth, this might be known as crude oil or petroleum. This liquid petroleum is then distilled and called paraffinum liquidum. All of these ingerdients are mixed together at the Newhall Laboratories in Stamford, Connecticut. Then these products would then be transferred to different stores across the US. L.A. Looks Absolute Curls can be found in multiple pharmacies as well in drug stores, dollar stores, and wide market stores such as Wal-Mart. It was then transported to my house, by someone buying this product for me as a gift.

As the world is so big, there are many people who are trying to survive and live healthy lives on this planet Earth. The map below shows the relation of the United States to the rest of the world. Although we may not be the biggest country we are still up there for having one of the highest populations as well as being a very strong state in terms of government. Many other countries have factories and manufacturers, so people have to take into account how the polluted air is throughout the world and whether or not there is too much of it in one place or just in general over the world. This map shows us that we need to be aware of the other countries surrounding us and also think of how much the earth could be polluted by the other countries, not just the US.


There is a pattern of people living closest to the water and near major cities. For example, most of the United State's population is on the East coast and West coast. This is also where major cities are though, as well. On the East coast there is Boston, New York City, Miami, and Atlanta. On the West coast there is Hollywood, Los Angeles, and Malibu. People like to reside near water because of the source of water. Also several live in the south due to the warmth in the climate and the beaches and water. With water nearby, trading could be an occurring thing. This could cause more of a population because people will always need certain products and if these areas have an abundance of these products then that would cause a pattern.

Natural Resource Gas

Most of the gas/oil is in the mid west of the USA. There is gas that has spilled into the ocean or is stuck in the Gulf of Mexico. This could mean that there are several factories in the states beside the Gulf, because as you can see there are overloads into the ocean near those states. As well as in the Midwest, there is a vast amount of gas near the great lakes in the New York and Pennsylvania area. This could also mean that there are companies or factories there as well using gas or oil polluting the earth.


Most highways and roads are in the East coast. Following along with the pattern of the population also residing on the East coast, many highways and roads accompany that population. Because of the horde of people living there, there could be so many highways for the transportation goods.
It is clear to say that most people live in on the East or West coast. This could cause the problem of those areas getting too polluted due to abundance of people and the major cities near or on the coast. If people moved inward toward the middle of the United States then cities and big populations would be a little bit more sparse. The only problem with that is, as seen in the natural resource gas map, most of the oil and gas come from the middle of the US. We could somehow come up with a different energy use to allow people to live farther inland and still be able to live a healthy life.


Problem: The United State's culture is more like the mixture of other cultures. America is made up of different ethnicities of people, foods from differentiating countries, and the government is less strict and wants the people to be a part of the government. If you compare the US to other countries you can see that we really have a mixture of cultures. For example, Mexico has its own culture of the language, Spanish, and its own food, Mexican food. The United States has many transferred good, causing our markets to be filled with not only American stuff, changing the way our culture can run.

Solution: A solution to having different things and ethnicities could be having more American made items. American made items would increase the amount of money that is being made for the US, and also create our culture, our culture. For example, McDonald's is a totally Made in the USA thing. More items like McDonald's and things that make up America could make this country more at home or our own culture. Plus, we do not have to have fast food as the signature item of the American culture.


Problem: In the United States there are some hair and beauty products that are tested on animals. These animals that are being tested could be endangered or now decreasing in the environment. It is very unsafe to test items on animals, because what if something goes wrong or an animal gets hurt. These humans are now hurting the environment.

Solution: With the technology that is in existent right now, the US could easily come up with another way to test beauty products on things besides animals. For example, someone could invent the a robot animal which would have the DNA and act as an animal it would just be robotic and not living. In this case no living thing could be getting injured. This would correlate the theme of technology into the study of the environment. The new inventions of things could help us prevent living things from being injured.


Problem: Due to outsourcing, there is lots of unemployment in the US. Because our country pays a certain amount of money, businesses decide to sometimes send employees to other countries because the pay rate is cheaper. In some other countries they feel that It is not a big deal to pay their workers the right fair of money. Whereas in the US, businesses would have to pay the minimal wage, $7.25, which may be a loss of profit or money in some companies. This problem correlates with technology because, without the communications and technology we have today, products would not be able to be transferred and brought to countries, like the US. For instance, people in India who are getting the lower pay for making our products, are able to be transferred and work from a different country due this technology.

Solution: A way to fix this would be to just stop outsourcing overall. If companies stopped having workers in other countries make our products than people in the US would be happier and so would those who might be suffering from the overload of working on other countries' products. Although stopping outsourcing might result in a higher price in the manufacturing of the product and the price of the product in the actual store, it will result in happier people. For example, instead of having some kid or not experienced person making our products we could have people, like our neighbors, creating these products. This would cause happiness because those kids might not be so miserable anymore, and the Americans are able to have their jobs back and be employed.


Problem: The problem in the way America runs now is how much technology is used and how much we always rely on it. People have started to lose the quality of being able to talk face to face because so many have been distracted by new technology or social networks. There is nothing wrong with having new inventions because it is making our world a faster place, but it has gotten to the extent where people use these inventions, social networking, not only for good. For example, on some social networks cyber bullying can take place as well as with the eyes of new teenagers coming into the world there is a lot more of judgments.

Solution: A way to fix this could be to have only certain people be able to sign up for social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, or Yes, there would be that gap of communications for those who are either pen pals or those who live on opposite sides of the planet. But it would be much safer if these sites has boundaries on them. For example, only kids older than 17 can sign up for Twitter or Facebook. This way kids would not be so apt to be on their smartphones all the time, also kids would be more safe. This would allow tweens and teens to live their life fully as a tween or a teen, because they would not have any stress from bullying or social networking. As well as this, teenagers would be able to learn to communicate without so much technology.