Effective Communication

General Skills


This is an important skill for when you are talking to someone. This is because not every situation can be handled the same. For example, if you were to walk in on someone crying while talking in a happy tone then the other party may believe that you are happy about them being sad, which would make their situation worse, but if you were to adapt how you were to speak into more of a sympathetic tone of voice then they would be more inclined about sharing what has happened to lead them to this point and how you could possibly help them out. By adapting to the situation that is currently at hand you are able to break down more and more communication barriers which would make getting your point across even easier.


The audience can also affect how you talk and what you do while you talk. If you were to talk to a larger audience then you would have to speak louder and use bigger gestures to get your message across, while in a one-to-one conversation you would talk at a more regular tone and your gestures that you would do to get your point across would be more close to you body rather than in their face due to the close proximity. This makes breaking down the communication barrier easy because you can easily assess what kind of audience there is and what you can do to make it so that your message gets across easily and stress free.

Interpersonal Skills


Questions can show that you understand what is happening and that you want to be a part of the situation at hand. For example, when someone tells you about an object you could ask some questions about the object to make them know that you are interested about what they have to say. This breaks down the communication barrier since you would know more about the conversation or situation at hand so you can contribute more and be less of a hindrance.


The way that you speak can effect the direction of a conversation since your tone of voice can mean a lot to the other person depending on the situation. For example, if the other person is having a bad day and you talk to them in a condescending tone of voice then it is only going to make them feel worse instead of making them feel better. By using the correct tone of voice to fit the situation then you can break the communications barrier between the two parties and make sure that there are no conflicts during the upcoming conversations.

Written Communication Skills

Grammar and Spelling

When talking to someone through a messenger, text or mail then it is important to have good grammar and spelling since they won't get what you are trying to say otherwise. For example, you are trying to tell someone about an object that you had just seen recently, in order for this task to be easy instead of being forced to constantly correct them when they misunderstand you, you would need to make sure that the grammar, spelling and punctuation were all correct. By doing this you will be breaking down the communication barrier since both parties can understand what is being written and can give accurate feedback on the situation since they could fully understand it.

Proof reading

By proof reading you can make sure that all is correct within the message, letter or text that you are about to send so that the other party is able to completely understand what you are saying and what kind of direction that the conversation is going in so that they are able to do what they need to do in order to contribute to the conversation at hand instead of acting like they know what is up, messing up and then could possibly end up offending someone. The proofreading of messages that you do will break down the communication barrier since everyone can fully know about the conversation without having to have you go over it with them.

Barriers to Effective Communication

Genereal Barriers

Physical Barriers

Having physical barriers between you and the person that you are trying to converse with can make it very hard to get your point across. For example if you are both on different sides of a wall it will be hard to hear the other person since they would be muffled by the wall. We are able to break down this barrier by simply using a phone to communicate with one another since you would be able to clearly hear the other person speak without any interruptions, or you could just simply move around the wall to talk to them face to face.

Lack of Knowledge

A lack of knowledge can make talking to someone very hard since they would not know what you are talking about. If someone was to come from a country where there was no internet and you was to try to have a conversation about the internet then they would not know where to start or what to talk about, but if you were to break the communication barrier between to two of you by informing them about the internet beforehand then they would be able to talk more about the internet a lot easier and more confidently.

Interpersonal Skill Barriers

Poor Communication

By using poor communication skills when talking to someone then it can be hard to keep the conversation flowing in such a way that both parties are enjoying it. Poor communication skills can be anything from speaking too quickly, too quietly or too muffled. It can be hard to overcome these at first but in time you can make it so that you are talking to people loud, confident and at a understandable pace so that both parties are fully understanding of one another.

Emotional Barriers

If you have ever spoken to someone when they are angry then you know that it is a hard task to do and it may even make you angry trying to calm them down since they do not want any help because of the irrational behavior that anger brings along. If you want to break down this barrier then you are going to have to stay calm and level headed when talking to them since they will be quite angry. Trying to be calm and polite to them may also make them feel bad and calm them down making it easier to talk to them.

Written Communication Barriers


The layout for text can make all of the difference in the world as it may change how the text is portrayed to the other person. For example if there was a deadly disease and you wanted to inform people about it you would not use bright and colourful colours but more informal colours such as dark blue or brown so that the point seems more serious instead of playful. This would break the barrier because of how incorrectly using formats can make work about serious issues seem a lot less serious than they really are.


Using slang with someone who is from a different country can create a big barrier between the two of you since they will not know what you are saying to them and in some cases the slang that you use may be friendly but to them it could be very offensive which would make them angry and not want to speak to you. You can overcome this barrier in multiple ways. You could just not use the slang in-front of them so that they do not get confused or offended or you can explain what it means to them so that in the future when you or someone else talks to them and being to use that slang they can fully understand what you are saying and won't get confused.