Andrew Jackson

Farris Safadi Project

No National Bank!

Andrew Jackson did not want a national bank at all. In his head it helped the poor and not the rich, and that is exactly what he wanted. After he went out and actually killed the bank, he noticed it was a mistake. The poor could not get cash unless they had diamonds or gold or other riches, the rich were getting the good out of this.

The Spoil System.

After Andrew Jackson became president he wanted to help his friends out and give them jobs. He hired some of his friends to work in the white house and do work they don't how to do. He hired people to important jobs for example Secretary of state and they were not close to be qualified for the jobs. But Jackson did not care they were his friends.

Tariff Tax

Andrew Jackson put a tariff tax and people went crazy. It was bad to the point were North Carolina threatened to leave the country. The only way he was not going to make them leave is to lower the tax. And he did and they stayed in the states and Jackson was not to mad.

Andrew Jackson Political Cartoon

This is Jackson standing on the constitution because he completely dis-obeyed the rule of the government and destroyed the national bank. He pretty much was a dictator/ king. So the ripped up constitution is what Jackson did.

Letter From a Cherokee

Jackson, I don't understand why you destroyed the national bank, Now i am living with absolutely no home at all. You made it so the poor would get worse and the rich get better. I want you to bring it back as soon as possibly, you ruined my life.

Letter From a Factory Worker

Jackson, What a great man you are an amazing friend. You gave people that possibly could have not found a job, a job, you will be rewarded for this amazing unselfishness you have. I just want to thank you for being a great president and human.