Please Stop Laughing at Me

Mason Schwartz


Please Stop Laughing at Me is a book about Jodee Blanco and overcoming bullying. Jodee Blanco is a successful women that overcame a not so great childhood. It started in fifth grade. She volunteered in the special needs progam. Someone was making fun of the special needs kids and she stuck up for them. She went to several different schools to try not to get bullied. She was bullied at all the schools because she stuck up for people. Dad, says, "Dr.Graff is well respected"(Blanco 74). During one of the summers Jodee went to a psychiatrist to see why she wasn't making friends. She was bullied all through highschool. Ar the end of the book there is a school reunion and every one of her bullies said that they liked her.

Character Analysis

Jodee Blanco is a girl with black hair kind of tall. She jumps around from school to school. Mom says "Jodee I know you're scared that you won't fit in at samuels" (Blanco 6). She sticks up for what she beleives in


There are many mini lessons in PLease Stop Laughing at Me like stand up for what you beleive in and never give up.

Textual Evidence

Words that really stuck out to me were "Kids will be kids." This is a huge lie that society accepts. We need to not let parents of bullies beleive this because then bulying will just continue

Book Reveiw

I would give the book a four out of five stars because most of the book was good but it was boring at soe moments taht made me want to stop reading it.
Jodee Blanco gives presentation on bullying at Onekama Schools


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